Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Found the marriage of Captain James Weems

Virgin territory is so fun!
I've been going through the rest of the books I hadn't had time to read yet, because they didn't specifically deal with NY or Maryland and guess what?
Found a reference to Captain James Weems, married to Anne Campbell, daughter of Neil Campbell and Lady Vere Kerr, daughter of William, third Earl of Lothian. (time period is about 1687)
meaning! Captain James Weems is probably from Lothian as well, and related to the Lord's family.
Also, Neil Campbell is the 2nd son of Archibald Campell, eighth earl of Argyll. Lots on him. So again, there is a direct link to royal lines.
Just thought I'd let you know! More later as I fill in the genealogy charts.

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