Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's all true and a great story!

Hi Bill,
Yes, it's all true. Isn't that amazing? I'm pretty certain I have it figured out, just need to prove it. I think the Weems came to Anne Arundel because their cousins were already there. James (Deputy Surveyor) Weems had at least one son, James Jr. who owned property in Calvert county as well. It's interesting how they specified, James Jr. and then James (of David) seperately, as if to make certain you knew they were 2 seperate families. I think John and Margaret are his other children. Once I can find the church records or probate records, we'll have proof of that. I'm amazed also at how many Weems marriages there are in Prince George and Baltimore Counties. We may all have been limiting our search in the past.
I also think that James (Deputy Surveyor) is the son of Captain James Weems. Just have to prove it! I'll be working on the New York records today for that. Also have a request in to the Maryland archives for more information on James (Deputor Surveyor) Weems.
Off to the post office to see if your over-night came. It wasn't there yesterday, but sometimes it takes 2 days. Then I'll be off to the library!
More later!
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Hi Diana,
I look forward to your interesting e-mails! The Campbell/Weems story has all the elements for a great book...great estates, royalty, intrigues, outcasts, Indian attacks, and the best part of all is that it is all true!
You really have been rewriting the Weems family history! The truth is what it is so no point in perpetuating fiction. So the descendents of the Maryland group can not have their Weems pedigree recorded by the College of Arms because Elizabeth Loch and James Weymss were not officially married by the church. That is an unfortunate reality, and I know how strict the College is about these things. The Herald would not complete our family's pedigree until I produced an official copy of my parent's 1964 divorce decree issued by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. I guess that's why a pedigree recorded by the College of Arms is as good as gold. They won't fudge on least the Herald's of today! I understand that has not always been the case.
I am still holding out hope that you will be able to connect us to Captain James Weems and the Earls of Argyll! My brother was pretty interested when I told him about our Scottish roots!
Talk with you later!

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