Wednesday, December 30, 2009

James Weems aka james Menzies of Weem

Dear Bill,

Sounds like you are your own cousin. :-) Yes, James Weems (aka James Menzies of Weems) was married to Anna Campbell. They were married bef 1694 and had many children, including two sons John and James. James Menzies/Weems was the son of the Alexander Menzies, first Baronet of Weems, and cousin to Lord David of Balfarge, Weymss.
James must have gone home to Scotland after the debaucle at Pemaquid, gotten married, and then was reassigned to NY. Now I need to find record of his family coming over as well.
Yes, I think he or his son were the owners of the Weems tract in St. Mary's county. Trying to figure out how to access that now.

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